I have not had working internet since June...

I'm fed up and frustrated.  I really want an answer to this garbage. I have not had a working internet since the end of June this year. I've been paying for service that I do not get to use. And I'm fed up now. I've contacted Verizon several times since this issue began and I get the usual generic troubleshooting attempts and then nothing. No change. Tonight I let the rep talk me into upgrading my plan so that I now pay $150 more per month which would solve my problem and I'm still unable to connect to the dang internet. How come I can't seem to get a living, breathing rep on the phone to help me sort this mess out? What does it take to get a tech to come to my home and fix this garbage? I'm so past the point of niceties here. I've never been so frustrated with a company anywhere in my life.

I've tried restarting my router - so many diferent ways.

I've tried restarting computers and devices

I've tried restarting the 4G LTE cantenna

I've tried the many different command prompt network commands

I've tried connecting only one device to the network (Verizon claims I'm getting DNS errors because I'm overloading the data availability and they refuse to entertain the idea that this has nothing to do with my issue and that I've had this service for several years and have never had this issue once before June.)

What do I need to do to get some real help here?

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