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JimFitzgerald;  I have to differ from you a little on your 4G assessment.    Verizon's 4G ain't too bad:


1.  After you get over the initial install & bugs. 


2. You aren't stuck in a 3G area.


I'm a full-time RV'er (still working, not retired) and I've found myself down here in Jacksonville Fla, and the reception is great!


93 ping,  11.11 download,   8.27 upload   - in just a q&d speedtest                       No cutoffs -yet.


I haven't seen any complaints from Florida on this forum.  So location seems to make all the difference.



3G's another storyIn my experience, once again, if you're not in 4G don't upgrade now.


But Jim, you're up in Roswell,  pretty solid 4G,  You might want to reconsider your stand and re-up to the 4G army.

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