I see a Lawsuit
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I will be getting an attorney to get back all the money your company has stolen. This is highway robbery. Left Sprint to come to Verizon because I had no signal and now that I am with Verizon I get Charged for data that should not be charged. When I am on Wifi I should not have to use data also. I should only see those arrows under the 4g symbol on my phone move unless I'm not on wifi. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. I have read several peoples complaint regarding this. I will be contacting the Attorney General and who ever else. The NATIONAL News. Because I don't work to pay for things I didn't accrue.@

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Richellek, we want to ensure that all of your billing concerns are addressed. We want to give you a better understanding of which icons to look for which confirm when you're connected to Wi-Fi. Which make/model phone do you have?

For more information regarding how to ensure that connected to Wi-Fi on your device, click http://www.verizonwireless.com/support/


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Assuming you have an andoird since you're discussing the arrows below your 4G LTE symbol...

you are NOT using data when connected to WiFI, the symbol still shows but you are transmitting information through your wi-fi signal, NOT 4G LTE.

How large was your data plan? Every time you went over your data Verizon communicates you with some way (text, email, etc) about the overage charge that will be going on your bill.

based on the information you have presented you do not have enough evidence for a law suit