I see my issue is being taken seriously. Over a month of NOTHING!
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Re: I see my issue is being taken seriously. Over a month of NOTHING!
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I think your post should read: "I see my issue is being taken seriously, OVER A MONTH OF 15 REPLIES!

Just because you don't like the answers you have received doesn't mean assistance wasn't provided.

Call *611 or 800-922-0204 a talk to a live person, ask for technical support.

Good Luck

Re: I see my issue is being taken seriously. Over a month of NOTHING!

I recently bought my daughter a new Windows Cell Phone for
her Birthday.   We have always have had a shared DATA Plan, and NEVER went over our data usage.   We received a few text messages saying we were at 90% of our data usage NOT OVER OUR USAGE.  We use our WIFI when we are in our home, so we paid no mind since we did not go over.

I set up my normal payment like I do every month and the message said I
owed over $1000.00, I was in shock.   The very next day our cell service was shut off. 

I called Verizon and was sent to Tech Support, since my daughters NEW Window’s
phone was so new I was on the phone with them for a very LONG time.   They figured out that it was a several manufactures app communicating all the time chewing up data, plus we had to change and shut
off several settings on the phone, now unless you worked for VERIZON you would
not have any idea how to do this.

I have now been dealing with this for several weeks now and
they keep shutting off my phones and I have to continue to put the DATA overage
in dispute.   Verizon continues to say that a supervisor will call me back and to no avail.  They have also offered a 25% to 40% discount of the Data overage fees which  is a smack
in the face.  

Since we have fixed the problem we have not come close to
the out Data plan, so it is not our problem.  There were manufacture apps that you cannot delete.   VERIZON is quick to take your money but not willing to fix a problem that simply was not our wrong doing. 

Message to you VERIZON from an 8 year customer….credit back
all the DATA FEES or we will walk.  Our average monthly bill is $250 to $300 a month, times that by 24 months…..is that
good business when you’re trying to whack me with a $700.00 plus of DATA

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Re: I see my issue is being taken seriously. Over a month of NOTHING!
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Does your car manufacturer tell you your car runs on gas? Does it tell you to turn off your lights to your car or your battery will die? There are many other examples. Those native bloatware apps do not use that much data. You can also turn off automatic updates, and use only update over wifi etc. its common sense. I would have called when you got the first alert. Be proactive and not reactive.

If you sent a dispute via certified return receipt requested and verizon has signed for it you can sue them for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Pracrtices Act. Google it to download a copy. Also take them to small claims court for amounts you believe to be in error. please note if verizon proves you actually used $700 in data and that is a huge amount overage the court will rule against you and you will have to pay up.

However if they keep shutting you off because you disputed the invoice and can prove it, the court even if the bill was correct will award you $3,000.00 or more for violation of the FDCPA and there may be state laws that Verizon will have to pay as well. get an attorney to assist you in the filing the brief. You must pay all amounts not in dispute or you lose your protection under federal law. Don't let verizon fool you in to arbitration or tell you that you cannot win, they are not immune to court process.

Good Luck

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