INCREDIBLY bad 4G LTE network service in NYC.
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I just switched to Verizon  from Tmobile. I purchased the latest LG G2. I am literally appalled at the quality of your network service in NYC. I switched to Verizon because my girlfriend’s iPhone 4 (3g only) gets consistent service whether we are in NYC or nearly anywhere on our extensive travels in the states. Network quality and consistency is the ONLY reason I switched. Terrible mistake.  Verizon 4G LTE is nearly useless in NYC. I can barely check my email in Soho, Nolita, Chinatown, downtown and midtown. Your 4G network is obviously completely oversaturated and insufficient here. Unfortunately the phone/network  is not smart enough to automatically switch over to 3G (which continues to work nearly perfectly, albeit slowly) as long as it can lock on to a 4G signal - - - regardless of how useless that 4G signal is. Nor can you manually set the phone to 3G only. Believe me, I would.

There is not a problem with my phone. It is incredibly fast the moment I step outside of Manhattan. Do you need another example (aside from the hundreds of other posts on this board from unsatisfied customers)? If so, just go into the main Verizon store on Broadway in Soho. The demo phones are nearly unusable in your own store.

When will these obvious network issues be addressed?

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Re: INCREDIBLY bad 4G LTE network service in NYC.
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That's funny, the Verizon store on Pine Street in San Francisco also doesn't have working phones.  You'd think if any place would have a working signal it would be in a store.