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I have a recently purchased HTC One and I have experienced inconsistent data service in my area of Newburgh, NY and other locations. My phone indicates a 4G connection, but is unable to process any data requests from most of my applications. What puzzples me is that I will have 4G at normal speed in my office one day, but then for a period of time it will just not work. I initially thought it was some type of interference, but I have noticed others in my office who use VZW who have consistent data cnx while mine is out. This has also manifested itself when taking th train down to the city. It is frustrating for me to sit across from a friend using a Samsung Galaxy SIII have fast and consistent data while my brand new HTC One is unable to connect to data for the entire ride. Is this a product defect, is anyone else having the same issues I'm having? Please help!

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Thanks for sharing your concerns with the community, ricterman! Like your friend, I have a Galaxy S III. While I'm very happy with it, I can't say that my experience with its connectivity has been any greater or lesser than others. What I'd like to do is ensure that your opinion of our HTC One is the same as mine is of my device.

Sometimes, connection instability can be due to device reset needs. I recommend clearing the application cache first. The instructions are here: I also recommend reviewing what features and services are being accessed because that may also help define why your friend gets a more solid connection. Let me know how that clearing goes. I'm eager to see hear back from you!

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