Inconsistent data connection on iPhone 5
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I have been using my iPhone 5 since last November, 2012. Lately, I've been having trouble holding a 4G LTE signal in areas that are supposed to have LTE according to the Verizon coverage map. When using the phone in areas that have 5 bars of signal, my data connection will fluctuate from LTE to 3G to '0" (1X).  I have been reading that others have similar problems so I think the problem is with Verizon's network. 

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Re: Inconsistent data connection on iPhone 5
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Hello NJ_Analyst. We definitely want you to have a consistantly fantastic experience with your iPhone 5 and LTE data service. Is this trouble happening in multiple locations or just a couple specific areas? What's the zipcode where you're having the most trouble? Does it seem to be the biggest issue when you're indoors? Since these phones are more like mini computers, sometimes a simple reset can help refresh the phone's connection to the networks and get everything running smoothly again.

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Re: Inconsistent data connection on iPhone 5

If it helps, I've noticed the same although I've only had my iPhone 5 for only a week.

Milwaukee Wisconsin, zip 53202.  Seems like 3G is fine, but the LTE is sketchy these last two days.  Works in the morning, but tanks late morning and into the afternoon.  I've cycled power to see if that helps but the problem persists.  If I leave the Enable LTE setting on in the General --> Cellular settings menu, the phone shows LTE in the status bar, but whenever I run an app or Safari, the connection will time out.  I switch off LTE in the settings, and 3G pops up and the apps function as expected.