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Infuriatingly slow data speeds.

This happens regardless of the time of day or where i'm at. At home, I average 3/4 bars, at work, usually 4/4 bars. Most of the time, my data speed drops well below 1mbps and this has been persistent over the course of the last several months since I've been a Verizon customer. Luckily I have wifi at home, so i've come to live with it to a certain point. I had it on my old Samsung Galaxy S8+, so i thought maybe it was an issue with my device after contacting Verizon numerous times for them to shrug their shoulders, even after replacing my SIM card twice. I upgraded last month to the Galaxy S9+ and i am still having the same issue. There are moments where my speed will go up to 20-30mbps, where it SHOULD be, given that i am in an LTE+/Advanced coverage area, but these instances are few and far between. Verizon advertises the "insanely fast LTE speeds", yet they fail to deliver, and after reading many posts on this site, it seems there are other people experiencing the same issue. I am currently using the 7GB unlimited prepaid plan on my unlocked Galaxy S9+.

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Re: Infuriatingly slow data speeds.
Customer Service Rep

We want you to get the most out of your services. For assistance and troubleshooting with Prepaid Services, please give them a call at 888-294-6804. These steps will help you get through to a live agent: 1-phone number-2-7-keep saying something until it says let's try this another way-7-3 .