Installing LG VL600 driver - XP says it can't install ESS Allegro driver

I have tried installing my LG VL600 on a Compaq 1200 MHz laptop running Windows XP SP3 32 bit operating system.  I have 12 GB of drive space free and installed 1024 MB of RAM. 


The previous Verizon device, a Novatel USB-727, worked nicely, but I went for the LG USB modem because the montly cost was less and I thought I could get better performance.


I deleted the VZW Access Manager and all traces of the Novatel device before installing the new software and driver.  Verizon shows the same version number for both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.


Whenever I try to install the driver for the LG VL600, XP displays a message that it cannot install the driver for the ESS Allegro PCI Audio (WDM).  There is no LG Electronics folder under Program Files.


XP says it finds new hardware, but the name is what I should see with a 64 bit operating system, not XP.


The VZW Access Manager can't find the LG device and will not connect to the WWLAN using the air card. 


It does find the Lucent dial-up modem embedded on the motherboard, but that isn't what I want it to use.


What am I doing wrong?  Can I find the driver that I need somewhere?

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Re: Installing LG VL600 driver - XP says it can't install ESS Allegro driver
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Hi kfinpgh, are you still having this issue? From what you described it sounds as if your laptop has an incompatible version of VZ Access Manager or haven't yet downloaded the VL600 End User Tool for driver installation. The VL600 needs version 7.6.3. Check what version you have in the Help menu--> about. Be sure you have also downloaded the End User Tool on  


If everything is downloaded as mentioned, alternately, you can download VZ Access Manager and the End User Tool from a desktop computer and save onto a flashdrive. From the desktop, chose save instead of open and select the flashdrive. Uninstall VZ Access Manager from your laptop before loading the software from the flashdrive. As a last step, I recommend to bring in your laptop/modem to a Verizon Wireless store technician for a hands-on troubleshooting. 


Hope this helps to resolve the issue. Have a great day!