Is LTE data service down in Madison Area?

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt - has been having spotty 3G coverage over the past week.  Woke up today with no data connection at all.  Was able to connect to my home's wifi to update a few apps.  My entire 15 mile drive into work showed not so much as 1x connectivity ...nothing!


Now just over an hour later, after two restarts, and a battery reset, I still have NO 3G and no 1x data connectivity.  I have even gone as far as using the LET OnOff application to switch from CDMA + LET/EvDo auto, to CDMA auto (PRL) with no change in connection status.  I have currently reverted this back to CDMA + LET/EvDo audio.


I know that Madison and the surrounding are is one of many upcoming regions slated to receive 4G activation in mid June - could this have anything to do with the data interruption?


I work in the IT industry, and changes outside of maintenance windows are extremely frowned upon due to impact to customers.  I am beginning to get perturbed.  I use my phone for work, and am crippled without it.

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