Is WMC604 related to outage?

We are trying to set up a UML290 and just took the 230 firmware download. Our modem now has a WMC604 error trying to connect. Since we are in a 3G only service area, I was wondering if this is related to:


A. Service outage for 4G

B. Bad firmware

C. Bad configuration

All or any of above.


I have gone through reinstall of all software (vzaccess, etc). Moving modem to different ports, etc.


After 230 upgrade the diagnostics in vz access stopped working.


Any ideas.


Cannot get through to tech support. All lines busy.


I guess it was a bad day to try to get this new modem on line.

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Probably,  I get a different WMC error with my VL600.   


 I am currently connecting by using the manual  "diagnostics" mode.   To access this mode you type Cntrl-D and then the password  "diagvzw" .   Write down the settings you see under Settings before you make any changes.   You can set  the modem in 2.5 G mode by using only   CDMA (1xRTT)  mode and a non-mobile IP address.  After making the changes, wait until the modem disconnects and reconnects - it should only show the 1xRTT signal strength.   Then try connecting.  If you want to try 3G only,  manually change to  mobile IP address and  HDR-3G or Auto in the 3G area.   The factory setting is "global"  meaning switching to 4G if available.   At the top is a 4G only setting (LTE I think). 


I am in a 4G network, but when I spoke with someone in customer service they said that the issue affects 4G equipment and will not let it switch to the 3G network.