Is there a way to track which IP address is using all my data?

I have the 4G LTE wireless device with voice as my home internet. My computer was off over the weekend, and I checked my data usage on Monday morning and it used 3.2GB on Saturday and Sunday.  I am trying to find out what is using so much GB data.  I do use a VPN and intially thought it was that, but the VPN was disconnected on Friday night and left off all weekend.  I checked my Direct TV connection, and my TV is not connected to the internet via wireless.  Has anyone else had problems with a lot of GB data usage for no apparent reason?  My wireless device is password protected, and I don't live near people to even be close enought to use my WIFI.  I am wondering if I can figure out which IP address is using the data so I can track it down.  I am up to 24 GB of usage in as many days, and I don't use the internet that much in the house - primarily my iPhone, which shows usage of only 400MB in the 24 days.  Please help.

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your router should have logs. Just because your PC was off doesn't mean some bot wasn't trying to access your system.

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Hi Jbrim18,

Data overages are no good! It saddens me to heat that you are having issues with your wireless device. What device do you have? When did the unknown data usage start? What specific devices connected to the wireless unit? ex., cellphone, tablet, computer etc..,

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