Jumping on the 4G bandwagon

Don't understand why these cell phone companies are jumping on the 4G bandwagon when there are still so many reliability issues with 3G. With 3G being as slow as molasses in the wintertime, why are cell phone companies wiping their hands clean of this infrastructure, waving their hands up in the air, and praising the new 4G standard. My advice to cell phone companies: get one thing working perfectly, then work on the next generation of technology; improving on it by learning from the mistakes and flaws of the previous generation.

It's almost impossible to watch a video in its entirety on 3G, without going through dozens of moments where the video just freezes. Same thing listening to internet music channels; buffering every 45 seconds or so. I believe that there is still a lot of work to be done to get a little more pleasurable experience from streaming media using 3G.

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Re: Jumping on the 4G bandwagon
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Because as Verizon is proving with their LTE, it doesn't have to work to gain customers and make money...