Keep having to enter my password

Why the hell do I keep having to enter my password to get connected?  I checked the remember me box or what ever it is but it still asks me.   Not everytime but a lot.   Then it also defaulted back to the factory password that's on the sticker under the cover.  I changed it but it defaulted back.  What's up with that?  I'm about fed up this dam thing and I'm just going to pay the fine and end my service and go back to cable.  I'm dissapointed that I can't even download a movie without getting some stupid email telling me that I have used 75% of my data.  That's **bleep**.

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Re: Keep having to enter my password
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The email alerts are to proactively alert you about your usage.  Movies are data intensive so the system is doing its job by proactively notifying your data thresholds.  If you find this annoying, account owners have the ability to customize usage threshold alerts to be sent via SMS (text), email and VZAM via My Verizon > Click Data Used > Click Manage Data Usage Alerts.  


As far as using the remember me function, it's best to forget the network then re-set it up.  Your computer is trying to connect with a stored password.  That stored password is incorrect.  That's why it keeps prompting you to enter in the password.  Once you go to your available Wi-Fi connections, disconnect from it, then right click and forget or delete it, just set it up again from scratch and that should resolve the problem.  


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