LG Revolution unable to be activated b/c of IT Department

My family and I upgraded phones on 7/6/11 so that we would have unlimited data on our new 4g phones.  My phone the LG Revolution was not in stock at the time and had to be sent to us. Upon arrival I went to activate my phone and it wouldn't activate so I assumed I was doing something wrong or didn't have a strong enough signal.  Thus I took it to the Verizon wireless store and they tried to activate it however the kind representative informed me that he couldn’t activate the phone without changing me over to the 2gig/20 dollars a month plan.


I told him that is not acceptable because I purchased the phones with unlimited data and it was not my fault it couldn’t be activated on 7/6/11.  Therefore we called the customer support number (611) and filled out an inactive pricing form to get the feature because apparently only Verizon IT department can add this feature back. However, it been almost a week now and I’ve heard no response and calling the (611) number just gets me the good old run around.


I’ve spent some time on Google and noticed that I’m not the first user to be subjected to this sneaky tactic of switching users off of unlimited data plans. I’m just wondering how a regular person can get in touch with your IT department. I called the (908-607-8000) Verizon number and asked the operator if I could speak to IT department and refused to connect me to a representative unless I had a name. 


A bit shady but understandable, I’m just  want to know what can be done to get in touch with the IT department because right now I’m paying for unlimited data and not even able to use my LG revolution.   



Thanks for your time,

 Joseph Cooper (Customer since 05)

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