LTE Internet and Phone (Installed) Cancellation

I have what Verizon calls the LTE internet and Phone home internet package. There is a phone number associated with the account but no actual phone, internet only via the "cantenna". Im trying to find out what cancellation fees there may be since im still within the 2 year contract, or if I can get the fees waived. The service is ok, but the LTE internet is apparently not meant for home systems (ie actual computers), but for smart phones and tablets. There is more data charged when using a computer vs phone/tablet when viewing the same web pages. Of course I did not find this out from Verizon. There are also many better options out there that fit my situation better (rural location).  Any suggestions?

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Re: LTE Internet and Phone (Installed) Cancellation
Verizon Employee

I want you to love your service, RICBLI50. You should be able to use your Cantenna on any device in your home. A computer would use more data because it has more processing power to multitask and can run many programs in the background that requires data connections.

Let's work together to get this sorted out for you. A typical early termination fee is $350.00  and goes down as the months progress. I will send you a private message so we can work together. Or you can


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