LTE Outage in the 97035 Area?!
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Anyone else in the 97035 area experiencing no LTE service?  I have three different iPhones (mine, wife's and a work phone) and have zero LTE service with any of the three.  Apps won't load and error messages include:  "The webpage is not available," "Whoops, something went wrong.  Check your internet connection and try again," or simply "Timed out."

I called VZW Technical Support and there were no known or reported outages.  Resetting  Network settings, toggling  LTE on/off doesn't work.  Lack of service is now going on 3.5-4 hours, that I've noticed.   I have not yet ventured out of my immediate  area, but will later today.

Very frustrating...


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Re: LTE Outage in the 97035 Area?!
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Hello delee24,


Thank you for contacting us. We know how irritating service outages can be and we're here to help. We still don't see any outages in that area, are you still experiencing the issue with error messages? Have you been able to go to a different location and test the service? 


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