LTE and MMS doesn’t work
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Hi! I’ve been having this issue for at least a year and a half now with multiple several-hour long calls to Verizon Support and days of messaging back and forth, with no resolution in sight.

My LTE data flat out doesn’t work half the time. My phone (iPhone 12 Pro) says that I have LTE coverage, but websites don’t load, iMesaages don’t go through, and nothing works. When opening a website on Safari, even one like the Google Homepage, the loading bar will be stuck at the beginning for maybe 5 minutes before eventually giving up and saying that “Safari could not establish a connection to the server.” Apps do the same, nothing loads even when I have LTE coverage. It happens outdoors, at my school, at my home, pretty much everywhere. It doesn’t usually happen when I’m far away from my home, but near my home LTE almost never works. I could have 3 or 4 bars of service and nothing would load. 5G service works fine (where available). 

In addition to this, MMS messages literally never work. I don’t think I’ve ever successfully sent an image over SMS, it always repeatedly says “Message failed to send.” Regular text-only SMS messages send fine.

Every time I contact support to resolve the issue they blame it on me- first it was because i was on the iOS beta, then when I left it they said it was because of my phone and told me to contact Apple support to get a repair. I talked to Apple support and they told me to get a $700 repair and talk to Verizon again, where they again blamed it on my phone. Tired of never getting working data, I went out and purchased a brand new iPhone 12 Pro straight from Verizon as I was due for an upgrade anyways. Same exact issues. I never even touched the SIM card. Last time I talked to them they said they couldn’t help me because I recently updated my phone to the newest iOS version (14.5 i think) and that “New versions of iOS may have bugs in them that cause issues, so you should wait until Apple gets rid of them in a future update” which makes ZERO sense.

Someone please help. 

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jasnzhng, not having consistent and working service like this isn't the experience we want to provide. Any iPhone 12 iOS issues impacting service have since been resolved so we don't want to place blame on you or the software itself. We'll need to review your account on what's been done and move forward from there.


We've sent you a private message to further assist. Thank you.