LTE coming to central Nj

I was first inline buying the Droid Bionic and I absolutely love this phone,  but when I asked the salesmen about 4G coming to central\south Nj he gave me a grim and uncomfortable expression.  He basically told me by the time I would be eligible for my next upgrade I might see 4G by then.  This right there is very upsetting as I planned to use my phone for data at work for 12 hours a day off and on without wifi.  So I have this high powered 4G LTE phone in the most densely populated state in the US and there is only a small amount of northern Nj covered by LTE.  I really hope the salesmen were wrong in their ETA for LTE in Nj.

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Re: LTE coming to central Nj
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Here in Lawrenceville we got pretty strong LTE coverage. I actually got a postcard in the mail from Verizon last month stating that "LTE is now available in your area". So I guess depending where in Central NJ you are talking about, you may or may not have LTE coverage.

Your profile says Jackson, and I just checked 4G coverage map and indeed Jackson does not have LTE now.