LTE connection issues in 24459

For years we had consistent 4-5 bars on the 4G LTE signal from the  line of sight tower, less than 2 mile away, on a mountain off Troxel gap road in zip 24459.  I have an external antenna for a home based WiFi and barely get 1 bar.  Voice gets 5 bars, but data is only 1 bar.  When I report this to Verizon, the agent just wants to go through the script and tell me it's a problem with my phone, when I have 2 hot spots and a phone all with the same issue.

There is no terrestrial internet service in the area, and the 4G LTE has suddenly become almost unusable.  People rely on this service on both sides of the mountain. I feel sorry for all the kids in the area that are home schooling during C19. 

Verizon seems unconcerned, its pretty sad.