Las Cruces 4G doesn't work with USB 551L?

4G just moved to the Las Cruces area and the VZAccess Manager says I've got a strong signal, but I can't connect to it. If I try, I get my old friend "Error - Connection Failed". So in order to get any kind of connection, I have to go into the diagnostics panel and turn off 4G.


Actually, I first had to do that a few weeks ago, when I suppose they were testing the 4G network, and it was preventing me from getting any kind of connection. So I had to call tech support to figure out how to get the thing to stop trying (and failing) to get a 4G connection. Now that the 4G network is officially live, I figured I'd try again. Nope. I'm still getting a 4G signal, but I can't connect to it.


Is this just me? Or is the 4G network in Las Cruces somehow incompatible with the USB 551L?

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