Linux InterOp and Data Usage

Having what I consider to be extreme issues using this device with a Linux Netbook. In the span of 3 days, using a clean installation of Ubuntu 11.04, I managed to consume almost 3 GB of my data plan without streaming video or music in less than 3 days. Some could be readily attributable to installing applications over the device, but not the majority.


As an example of the amount of traffic being generated, I just performed a test of booting the device, connecting the netbook to the network and nothing more. In less than 5 minutes, my usage log showed 136 MB of traffic, much of it over port 443 and DNS requests.


Any thoughts/suggestions? I'm within my 14 day return window and am on the verge of returning it based on this kind of usage.


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Re: Linux InterOp and Data Usage
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Sounds like you are having quite the issue with data usage!  I have a couple of tips to share from my experience.  Our data cards do not create any data traffic, they simply provide a means for your computer to access the internet.  Most of the time, traffic is generally caused by computers checking for updates for your PC.  Software programs can do this as well.  We always recommend disconnecting data sessions when the device is not in use to prevent background data from flowing.


I hope this answers your question.