Longtime Verizon customer amazed at bad coverage
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I've been with Verizon since well before it was Verizon here in TN.  I stayed with them because they had absolutely the best coverage.  Since their move to 5g, my ability to make a call, send a text (not to mention anything internet related) has just gone to "word that Verizon wont let me post."  Remote places where I had coverage when other providers had none now no longer have coverage (published coverage maps be %^$&*@) and those other providers have coverage.  I spend WAY too much per month to "wait" for some type of correction to be built out.  This may be my last week with Verizon

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We never want to see you leave us BobbyMcC. We are here to help. We will send a private message. -Joe

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This is a nationwide issue, they are retiring 4g like they did 2g. They need to force everyone into new plans and higher fees to keep up with the spending, but they are also getting Gov money too so who knows.

Verizon continues to upgrade its network for businesses, in partnership with device manufacturers, to better serve you.  Virtually all traffic is on our 4G LTE (4G) & 5G networks which offer superior performance compared to previous generations of networks.

For several years now we've publicly stated that our 3G CDMA network for business and consumers is being decommissioned. This will be completed by December 31,  2022. As previously communicated, Verizon has already discontinued many of our 3G (CDMA) and 4G Non-VoLTE device management functions such as activations and plan changes while providing limited troubleshooting of these devices.



Attention:  As of January 3rd, 2023, Verizon has decommissioned its CDMA Network.