Looking for reason for sudden signal loss in last year in area 16403

We use to have excellent signal in our area for years until this past year. We are using a network extender, which has helped with texting, but voice calls are terrible. The calls get cut off and are garbled.

Verizon has never gave a reason for this. It is not due to our distance to a tower, unless they tore down the tower we used to use, because like i said, we used to have excellent service for years!! This issue is at least spread over a 10 mile radius-that i know of.

Verizon definitely has done something to cause this and wish they would fix this!!!

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Re: Looking for reason for sudden signal loss in last year in area 16403
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I am sorry to hear of the service issues. Upon review of the area I do see that it does have some network opportunites. It is truly odd that you are still having issues with service when a network extender is connected however. What are the color of the lights on the network extender? How many bars to signal do your devices have when connected to the network extender? What make/model devices do you have?

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