Loss of connection when first powering computer up.
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I am using VZAM and the Pantech UML290 on a Mac Mini.  I notice that connecting after first powering up the computer in the morning results in an unreliable connection with the computer finally loosing communication with the modem.  Using "detect device" does not work.  Restarting the computer and reconnecting solves the problem.  It took me a while to figure this out by trial and error only after repeatedly unplugging the modem and reinstalling the SIM card.  Has anyone else noticed this behavior, or is it my compuer?  Paul



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Re: Loss of connection when first powering computer up.
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       Its very inconvenient to lose connection on first powering up.  What version of VZaccessmanager are you using? Does it happen with other devices? We recommend  VZAM.net site, see VZAccess Manager v7.6.3 (2642k) for your Pantech UML290. Please let us know so we can look into this issue with you.


Thank you