Lost 4G in OKC

I have had a 4G mifi in OKC for over a year.  I have always had a 4G signal in my office.  I now can only get a 3G signal.  A few hours in the afternoon, the 4G signal works but then goes away.  This has been happening everyday for at least two weeks that I know of.  I was out of town for the previous five weeks.  How can I get this fixed?

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Re: Lost 4G in OKC
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Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with your mifi lately. We certainly want you to have fast, reliable service at all times. What mifi device do you have and what zip are you located in? Also have you tried removing the sim card from the device and reinserting? Please fill us in on the device model and we would be happy to provide steps to combat this problem.

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Re: Lost 4G in OKC
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In the settings on the MiFi's online configuration pages you can set the device to run expressly on LTE. I had to do this with my Jetpack 4620L since where I place it in my house the 4G signal tends to get weak and it would drop to 3G and stay there. Now it runs on LTE exclusively and I don't have that issue anymore. The signal level will be 1-2 bars typically.