Lost text messages

I have been with Verizon longer than Verizon has been with Verizon. I have lost all my text messages TWICE on my

Droid Incredible now. The first time no one had any answers, the second time, 3 days ago, I was informed it was a

software malfunction and Verizon was indeed aware of the problem. I believe a certain Corporate Social

Responsibility should be in effect to at least inform users that a problem could occur, thus allowing the user to make a choice 

after being notified as to a potential problem. It just so happens I had text messages that included photos and voice recordings

that were relevant in serious business matter, which now I am told can only be redeemed through court order.

Not good customer relationship management in my opinion Verizon!

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Re: Lost text messages
To be safe in the future, there are apps which automatically backup texts on your phone such as SMS backup.