Lower Cost International Roaming?

Is there anyway to get a suggestion directly to the marketing folks a VZW that are responsible for creation of plans and services?

T-Mobile has recently introduced free international data roaming for all of its customers. For business travelers and vacationing travelers that must stay in contact while traveling abroad, this service is extremely valuable. Unfortunately Verizon international data roaming is extremely expensive when compared to domestic data. I am aware of the international data options that Verizon offers in 100 megabit chunks. These Verizon international roaming packages, while attractive when compared to ATT, are still very expensive requiring an international traveler to be very diligent about tracking data usage.

If a small company such as T-Mobile can offer free international data roaming, can't Verizon offer international data at lower rates? I realize that Verizon does not offer unlimited data and that the Verizon USA Network is much superior to T-Mobile, but can't Verizon offer better international data rates that will be more attractive to the international traveler so that it won't be necessary to spend so much time monitoring data usage while traveling abroad? A Verizon customer that travels abroad shouldn't need to consider obtaining a T-Moblie phone for international use.

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Re: Lower Cost International Roaming?
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You have actually answered your own question. Verizon will not do it because it makes them a ton of money.

Carriers like T-Mobile who are in last place need gimmicks to attract customers. However once a person jumps to them they will find that coverage is terrible, customer service is not too good etc.

The average customer will never leave the country to use the Global Services from T-Mobile or Verizon wireless for that matter.

The free 200Mb of data for tablets is another Gimmick, not many tablets we have in our possession can use the GSM network unless purchased for that technology. A Gimmick. People have to carefully research before purchasing.

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