MIFI 4G - Having a hard time connecting to Internet

We have a home computer (desktop) and a laptop.  We originally had MIFI 2200.  Before we had the MIFI220 we had to make our home computer wireless which worked fine at first then after 2 years it became slow.  We figured by getting the 4G it would be much quicker which it is for the laptop, but not for the home computer.   Its now taking longer to connect to the Internet and once we do get a web page after a couple of minutes it just disconnect from Internet.   Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: MIFI 4G - Having a hard time connecting to Internet
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Slowness is normally an issue best solved by resetting your MiFi.  However, you mention that your laptop does not have slowness issues with the MiFi which leads me to think that the problem is more isolated to something on your desktop.  Your desktop may have accumulated viruses and clutter over the years which have slowly deteriorated its performance.  I suggest starting with a reload of your desktop from the CD's and starting fresh.


If you do not wish to go down that path then you can try some lowering your wireless mode to help with the disconnections:

Change the 802.11/Wireless Mode

  1. Sign into your MiFi
  2. Click the Wi-Fi tab
  3. Change the 802.11 mode from B+G+N to B+G
  4. Click Apply
  5. Test your connection