McDonalds a new Wi-Fi Location?
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BTW: 4G is working so well in Jacksonville, Fla   I can't complain anymore.   Of coarse just saying that is going to tempt the gods.


The Wi-Fi locations have been kicked down to just a few motels, maybe an airport.   But I've noticed a Verizon Wi-Fi signal in all the McDonalds locations.   They don't work, but they're there waiting.  When are they going to turn on the switches?


I don't know the corporate politics involved but it seems the old Wi-Fi list was piggy-backed with AT&T's -even to the extent of locating in AT&T Stores.   Now, it seems (because of  the T-Mobile / AT&T meager?)  that's no longer the case.


Any opinions or deep-background stories out there?

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