MiFi 4510L: Reassignment of IP Address - associated with 4G disconnects and web page hangs
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Yesterday I was able to use my device for a few hours. I noticed that web pages hang sporadically. I also had at least two times when the MiFi device would no longer access the Internet.


During this time I had the mifi.admin browser interface open. The WWAN page would show that the IP address was being reassigned for the device and the Gateway (I assume it's the same). When the web pages would hang, I looked at the WWAN page. The IP address had been reassigned and the Connected Time value was always very low (less than 10 seconds).


When the MiFi device would no longer access the Internet, the WWAN page would show an IP address of


I am wondering whether the problem of 4G disconnects and web page hangs is the result of reassigning the IP address. It seems reasonable that if the IP address is reassigned while a web page is being downloaded that the web page would hang.


If the device was assigned a new IP address and the web page had hung, I closed the browser window for that web site, opened a new browser window and navigated to the website. The web page would come up normally, as expected.


If the device would no longer access the Internet, I clicked "More" on the WWAN page, and changed the WWAN preferred mode from Global to LTE only or from LTE only to Goblal and clicked "Apply". This causes the device to reset and then it worked normally, as expected.


I have read that some have been removing the battery, the SIM card, and using the reset button to reset the device. I haven't had to do that by using the mifi.admin browser interface.


I am trying to provide as many details as possible in order to help the engineers. I would really like to see these problems fixed. The MiFi 4510L would be very useful to me if these problems can be corrected.

****** Extract from Diagnostics page concerning my device *********

MiFi Modem

Manufacturer Novatel Wireless MEID: A100001E3A5361

Model MiFi4510L Phone No.(MDN) <REDACTED>

IMEI 990000626097572 MIN(MSID) <REDACTED>

Serial No. <REDACTED> Home SID 488

Router FW Version 02.01 Modem FW Version 2.16.07

AP FW Version 2.10- ERI Version 4

SIM Status SIM Ready PRL Version 15024



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Re: MiFi 4510L: Reassignment of IP Address - associated with 4G disconnects and web page hangs
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I really hope you did the standard turn off device, remove SIM card (not really needed but just in case the DEVICE is defective), and rebooted the device!?


They are using a bridging technology (eHRPD) to bridge GSM (LTE) and CDMA technologies and they are doing MASSIVE network upgrades on the backend so in may NOT be stable until fully launched in your area.


BTW next time REMOVE the IMEI#, the IMEI# is equivelent in GSM to the ESN/MEID in CDMA.


It's mroe likely NOT your device and them VZW doing network upgrades in the backend.