MiFi 4510L slower than my 3G usb modem

Just upgraded to the MiFi 4510 and my download speeds at best are the same as my 3G modem and at worst 1/2 the download speed. I have a 4 bar 4G signal and I am square in the middle of 4G coverage. Download speeds are 800kbps to 1.5MBps

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Re: MiFi 4510L slower than my 3G usb modem
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Are you sure you are connected to a 4G signal where you are having this problem? 


The easiest way to tell is to look at the LED light on the side of the MiFi.  Green = 4G and Violet = 3G.  All 4G areas are also in 3G areas so your device might not be picking the correct one.  I average above 5Gb for download speeds when I am connected to 4G.


In case you are not already doing so, try connecting to www.speedtest.net the next time you notice this problem.  Run the basic test a few times and record your numbers.  That should give you a fairly standard way of gauging your connection speeds.


Re: MiFi 4510L slower than my 3G usb modem
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we had the exact same problem and this resolved the speed issue.


Give it a try as you can always set it back.


Force the MIFI to only speak Wireless G and not use N.  when doing this we went from 1MB up to 10MB on speedtest results.