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Does this unit go to "sleep" when powered on but not in use? Members of my household leave the MiFi unit on while playing non-interactive card games like free cell. Also how do I block access to the unit from neighbors?

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Re: MiFi 4g Hotspot
Verizon Employee

Hello dslobig,

I too have a 4G mifi and I love it! The data speeds are unbelievable fast! May I ask what make and model mifi device do you have? When the mifi is not in use then I recommend powering the device off, as this will save battery life. Keep in mind that while the device is on, it is transmitting a 4G wifi signal even when not connected.

All of our 4G mifi devices have a default password on a sticker at the bottom of the device. If you would like to change you mifi password then this process can be done on the admin page. Below are the steps on how to change the mifi password.

  • Launch a web browser then navigate to
  • Enter the User Name / Password then click Login.
    • The default User Name / Password is admin / admin.
    • If the Password has been forgotten, with the device powered on press the power button 10 times within 15 seconds to reset the password.
  • Click Basic Setup.
  • From the Password section, enter the following information then click Apply (located to right).

These steps may vary from device to device, which is why your response is needed to ensure that you are able to change the password properly. If you have any additional questions or concerns then feel free to reply to this posting.

Thank you...


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