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I installed a Verizon (Samsung) SCH-LC11 3/4G Hotspot for a Kindle Fire, then went all the way and hooked up 3 laptops on the network. The laptops use, XP, Vista, and 7. I even cancelled my DSL wireless service and I'm in bed with the MiFi system.


What I'm looking for is a phone number to Verizon people who really know what Hotspot MiFi is (other than Starbucks). Recently, after repeating my question to 3 people, for over an hour on the 'customer service line' , they finally connected me to 'John' who actually understood what I was doing and could answer Verizon related wireless and hotspot questions.


Anyone have phone numbers?





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Re: MiFi Network Help
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MiFi is a brand name for the Novatel mobile hotspots such as the Verizon MiFi 4510L.  The 4510L was made for Verizon where Novatel has other MiFi models for other cell phone providers such as ATT. 


The Samsung is technically not a "MiFi" so be careful how you describe the device in the future to make sure you are routed to the correct area.  If you stick to a keyword it should be "Samsung SCH-LC11" when contacting support..


Verizon would likely moderate out any personal information about contacting thier employees directly on this forum.  You can try to send a Private Message on the forums if you find an Verizon Rep that you like.  The Verizon reps also have a direct response system through twitter too, but Ive never used that before.  I suggest trying to re-open your previous incident with Verizon the next time you call support.  "John" may not always be available if you try to contact him directly anyways.  Atleast if you piggyback off your old incident you will automatically be talking to the correct area.