Michigan City, IN

Service on east of Michigan City, IN has been absolutely horrible since this past Sunday 11/17/2013.  After the storm with all the tornados, and the power outage in the area, service especially LTE has been horrid.  My signal has dropped approximately 10 decibels with constant response timeout and DNS unresponsiveness.   Ive waited thinking Verizon might fix the problem, but nothing has imoroved. What is going on with Verizon service in the area? Is Verizon going to fix the cell service problems?

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Re: Michigan City, IN
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We are so glad to see you are okay despite everything that has happened in your area, keith6937. What zip code are you in? Have you powered off/on since the storms?
If you have a 3G device, please power off/on and dial *228 option 2.
If you have a 4G device, please power off, remove the SIM card and reinsert it. Then power it on.

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