Mifi4510L, Windows XP and a Dell Inspiron 8600

Good evening everybody. My sisters co-worker has a Mifi4510L and a Dell  Inspiron 8600, he has been using this unit for a while without issue until recently. The computer seems to lose connection to his hotpoint and he has to repair the laptops wireless connection to reconnect to it. Does anyone know of any issues that sound like this and if so is there a resolution? Thank you for your time.

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Re: Mifi4510L, Windows XP and a Dell Inspiron 8600
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There are no known official disconnection issues with the MiFi 4510L.  Most of the time disconnection problems can be corrected by reconfiguring the device to better fit your enviornment.  I suggest lowering your MiFi to broadcast in B+G as an easy first step.


Change the 802.11/Wireless Mode

1. Sign into your MiFi

2. Click the Wi-Fi tab

3. Change the 802.11 mode from B+G+N to B+G

4. Click Apply

5. Test your connection


Let us know if these steps do not improve your performance.