Mifi4510L won't show
My new mifi4510 hooks up fine with our IPODs...but will not show on the Dell netbook or our Dell pc with a new Belkin wireless ant....tried resetting everything...**bleep**???
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Re: Mifi4510L won't show
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If your MiFi is appearing for some devices but not others then chances are that the MiFi is broadcasting in a mode which is not compatible with those devices.  You can make a quick config change and see if it helps.


To change the 802.11 Mode:

1. Power on the MiFi

2. Navigate to http://mifi.admin

3. Sign into the MiFi in the upper right hand corner

4. Click on the WiFi tab

5. Switch the 802.11 Mode from G+B+N to G+B

6. Click Apply

7. Test your connection on the other devices


Please note that you will need to find a computer which can connect to the MiFi before you can complete these instructions.  If you do not have one available then ask a friend and borrow thiers for a few minutes.  Otherwise you could stop by the Verizon store so they can perform the steps for you.