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We have been with Verizon for over 10 +/- years and on January 23rd, 2015 I called the support desk due to the frequency of calls that were not coming through.  They would go to voice mail and we would get notified then that we had missed a call.  We had 4 lines with Verizon at that time and we were going to be adding an additional line.  The additional line would be transferring over from one of your competitor's.  We were asking if Verizon offered a Personal Cell tower or booster at that time.  The customer service rep was very nice and walked us through numerous trial fixes on the phones.  Nothing seemed to help and she agreed that the service was not that good in our area (prior to this we had been having no problems with service and the Verizon phones always had 3-4 bars, now they are 1 maybe 2.  She stated that she would send our concerns up the line and would have someone contact us.

Well as of Feb 26th, 2015 we had still not received a call from Verizon with or without a fix for our problem.  Well on Wednesday Feb 26th, 2015, I received a voicemail notification that I had 2 voicemails that were left on Monday Feb 24th, 2015.  So now it is taking Verizon 2 days to forward my voicemails.  I do consider this unacceptable.

I called back and went through the same back and forth try this try that.  (You would think that there would be a record of what happens on these phone calls).

This customer service rep asked if I would like to purchase a Verizon booster to help boost my signal at a cost to me of $$$$.  This was quite insulting due to the fact that I already pay Verizon for cell phone reception.  I'm not an unreasonably person and don't expect a perfect signal 24 hours a day 365 days a year, but when I am told that there is Verizon coverage where I live, I would like to think that I should be able to receive calls, without having to pay for something else.  I might not live in a large metropolitan city but by no means do I live way out in the middle of no where.

I was elevated to a supervisor whom informed me of the same thing apologized for the not so great service and was informed that since WE (Verizon) has been doing a lot of upgrading to LTE it has in fact diminished some of the other areas services.

Now I don't remember being told that since they are upgrading my service will be downgraded....

I asked the supervisor to have his supervisor please call me and he informed me he would pass it on and I should receive a call within 48-72 business hours.  Well it is March 5th, and I still have not received a call or email or text or anything from Verizon.  He also informed me that If I wanted Verizon would be happy to let us out of our contracts at this time to go to another service.  We spend over $300.00 a month on service with Verizon or annually $3600.00.

I was also told by this supervisor that there was a promotion on these boosters/towers that ended on Dec 31 or Jan 1 and unfortunately I had called to late to report this problem, and that they ended the program due to people taking advantage of the program.  Well if you (Verizon) admit that I don't quite have the best service in my area, is that abusing the system by asking for something that might help me out?

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Same here teeksters.  I live in Phoenix metro (85225) and service has degraded substantially.  From street in from of home at 80dBM-4G to walk inside home 100+dBm-3G (poor) on two different devices.  Neighbors report same thing on other devices.  Verizon admits "marginal coverage area"  BUY extender or leave with no ETF.


I know the end game is that most folks just want their service to work, they don't really want to switch providers and all that noise.  The network extender may have helped you, depending on your phone, but it could also create some hassle and reliability issues as well.  It is true that sometimes, during network upgrades, that some service levels are redirected towards those expansions and equipment.  I myself have seen a drop in 4G LTE service in my area as XLTE has been rolling out near me.  However, Verizon never promised me a certain level of coverage, only a close estimate, and that was at the time I signed up and that non-promise remains no matter where I move within their coverage area.  Also, most of their proposed area consists of outside signals and not indoors.  However, like I said, I know no one wants to cut and run, and I would think that is the reason you did not take up the offer to end service if Verizon was allowing.