Mobile Hotspot Data Usage

Maybe a dumb question but, I currently have the Get More Unlimited Plan with 30 GB’s of Mobile Hotspot Data. Is that 30 GB’s of mobile Hotspot allotted data separate from my 50 GB’s of allotted data? My coworker has Verizon and he stated that the 30 GB’s of allotted mobile Hotspot data goes against the 50 GB’s of allotted data with the Get More Plan, and the 30 GB’s is all that Verizon allows for a device to use being tethered on your phone. Confusing. 

Re: Mobile Hotspot Data Usage
Customer Service Rep

We can certainly help with any questions you have regarding your plan details. Your Mobile Hotspot usage and limits are separate from your regular data usage and limits. So for your Get More unlimited plan this means you have 50GB of uninterrupted data, as well as 30GB of high speed Mobile Hotspot data. Also, here is a link that will go over those details with you, if you have any additional concerns: . Please let us know if this information helps.