Mobile Internet coverage problems
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Is there an official place to report Internet coverage issues?

I live in NY metro area and travel via train between New Brunswick and Newark/New York and this route is a real pain for data/internet coverage, even when the 4G LTE sign is showing the connection is often slow to dead. Initially when 4G LTE services were, i was really happy with the services, then came Sandy and after that my experience was never same. Often the phone would switch down to 3 or 1 X, which is practically being in the dead zone. Is there a place where i can report these issues with more details and hope for some resolution, if not immediate but in the near future.

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Re: Mobile Internet coverage problems
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We want you to have the best experience on the best network, verizan. Please feel free to contact us. That way can get specific information to write a ticket for our engineers. The engineers can check this out and get this fixed for you.

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