More Expensive Plan / Slower Service

I’m confused. Either that, or I’m being force-fed garbage. I’ve been out of a contract for going on 2 years. I shared 8 gigs of data with my family, all of whom were out of contracts. I used a lot of the data and we would get pretty close to our limit each month because I stream a lot of music. I thought I’d be polite and get my own line with unlimited data. Jump on the iPhone bandwagon, even. Sure, I’d triple my bill, but it’s the right thing to do, and I’d be able to stream/browse/surf as much as I want to. Except no, I absolutely can’t. My service was utterly throttled. I can’t watch a video in 720p, I can scarcely get through a song without buffering or skipping. I do a speed test and I’m reading 55kbps. This is ridiculous, and it’s consistent. 50-65 KILOBYTES per second. Unless I’m operating out of a cache stored from WiFi, I essentially can’t connect to the internet. I’ve been back and forth across town today and it’s the same story everywhere. I’m furious. Is there any solution? Is there any way to get decent service for less than $150/month? Do I really have to pay another $10/mo to get the somehow better unlimited service? What is the best deal? I read that I’m subject to throttling at any time for any reason and this incredibly expensive plan affords me no luxury, no priority in cell towers. Please Verizon, tell me there’s some bug.

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Re: More Expensive Plan / Slower Service
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Well, personally, I think there is a disconnect with regards to the descriptions of the GoUnlimited and BeyondUnlimited plans and what has been implemented at the towers.

What I would suggest is two or three things: (1). go with a limited plan / not an unlimited plan. I don't think the same prioritization under congested tower conditions is going to trip you up. (2). self-impose a limit on your streaming... try to determine what apps are most bandwidth efficient, and use wifi when ever possible. (3). With the money you save going with a limited plan, pay for a subscription music service where you can download music for offline listening, thus you download on WiFi and not worry about using cellular bandwidth.

I guess I'm lucky. I use an Android, and when I'm not on WiFi, I have an SD Card in my phone and can carry as much of our digital music collection as I want. I don't know how much your iPhone can hold and how much music you personally own, but you can consider putting your favorite part of your music collection on your device when you just have to listen to something.