My Network Extender keeps switching to the Verizon network while at home

I live in the 46th floor in Chicago, and the Verizon signal jumps all over the place, making phone calls over the verizon network impractical.  So I was told to purchase this expensive Network Extender to solve the problem.

However, when I am on the network extender service, the calls are great, but if the verizon signal jumps for a moment to 5 bars, I lose the network extender service and get switched over to the verizon network.  A few seconds later, the verizon service signal will drop to nothing, and the network extender does not pick the phone call back up.

Why doesn't the call stay on the network extender when I am in the network extender service area, and why doesn't it pick up the network extender signal once it has been transferred to the verizon network signal.

This is making verizon service unusable in downtown Chicago!!!

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Re: My Network Extender keeps switching to the Verizon network while at home
Customer Service Rep

Hello to you Compliance!

Downtown Chicago is lovely and I want you to experience reliable service!  I will be delighted to provide some suggestions.

You can actually add numbers to a list for your Network Extender that will make the connection easier.  Here are the steps to do so from our website:

Click on the link at the bottom to as the second step to add contacts!

Keep us posted!


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