My hotspot is not working on my computer

Hi I could not find the right place to enter this so I entered it here. I have a 3g hotspot on my phone with unlimmitted internet. When I turn on my phone hotspot my computer says yes its connected and connected just fine. However when I go to open a web browser, firefox or internet explorer or any other application to connect to the internet the applications say not connected. I have windows 7 64 bit. By the way it works just fine when I let my friend use my internet through his phone.


If there is a better forum to post this in please move this topic for me.

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Re: My hotspot is not working on my computer
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This is a fairly common thing to happen if your computer remembers your network connection.  Some element of your hotspot changed, and your computer is trying to connect using the old configuration.  Here's what you need to do:  


1) Open up your connection manager and view the available networks. 


2) Right click on your internet connection to your phone.  


3) Choose one of the following options (varies by computer type): Forget, delete, uncheck connect automatically, etc.  Essentially

     what you are doing is removing the record that this connection ever existed. 


4) Set it up and reconnect it again.  You can also try changing the security type (if steps 1-3 don't work) in the 3G mobile hotspot settings.  


Let us know if this works for you.