My post disappeared! Down for over a week!
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Wow! my whole post disappeared. Am I talking about a sore subject?

Been down for over a week. My issue is that because I am using a usb modem as my internet connection with considerable infrastructure to make it work, support always says its my problem. I always remove my modem from my router and place it in a netbook to prove I have no 'unusual' setup to support. This time I had to actually drive to the tower to prove I wasn't having a reception problem. Something was finally changed while troubleshooting from car (tech's words not mine) and I'm working again.

To VZW's credit, minutes ago I had a tech call me back and tell me there is a local tower problem. My faith in good business has been salved.

However I'm really confused. All week I was told there were problems, then they were fixed, looked like my device, tech today said he made a change (local to me), another tech says there are problems. Do you guys not have a running log/ticketing system? I've been in IT for 30 years, most places do...

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Re: My post disappeared! Down for over a week!

<Your post disappeared because someone reported it to the moderation team asking that it be moved to the   for more exposure after you clarified you were using a USB modem. Post went to a queue to wait for a moderator to respond. Post   has since been moved. This post will now be locked.>