Need to tether the 6620L Jetpack to TP-Link MR3040

I have a couple of the 6620L jetpacks and I love them.  I can tether the Jetpack to a Pepwave Surf on the Go router.  But I really need to tether this to a TP-Link MR3040.  The MR3040 supports 3g/4g connections to modems.  But I can not get the Jetpack tethered and I have tried many things.  Like I said, it tethers to my Pepwave just fine but it is not battery powered like the MR3040.  Others have tethered the 6620L to a Ranger Wifi router so it can certainy be done.  Is there a s specific APN, Dial number, and username/password that must be used when tethering?

I would greatly appreciate any help that can be provided.  The 6620L Jetpack shows that a device is tethered, but when I am in the control panel of the MR3040 it just shows "connecting" and never actually establishes an internet connection while tethered.  I am thinking that the issue can be resolved by setting the correct APN, Dial number, username and password.  I guess it is possible that the other routers are connecting by use of Firmware instead of actual user data that is being input.



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Re: Need to tether the 6620L Jetpack to TP-Link MR3040
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It can be quite challenging to use a tethering option on a router with the mentioned issues, Tdurhamjr. Let me help as much as possible. I would love to get you connected. However, the manufacture of the modem you are using would need to contacted to advise of the issue. They could see if there’s a compatibly issue or a driver/firmware update that is needed to resolve the issue. I regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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