Network Unstable Every Day at 3pm

I’m at a loss here, my phone network has been failing every day around the same time (3:00pm) and takes around an hour for data speeds to come back to normal. I have only noticed this happening when I am at work, sitting at my desk, with my phone not even moving. This started 2-3 weeks ago.

My data speeds regularly drop below 1mbps, making it almost impossible to do anything that requires data. 

My wife works very close to me, also on Verizon (identical phones - iPhone 13 Pro Max) however she is on a different plan and has noticed this happening to her phone as well, but hasn’t noticed it happen nearly as regularly as I have. For me it’s like clockwork and I know that within a few minutes of the clock hitting 3:00p my data speeds will become nonexistent for usually around an hour.  

Is there anything I can do about this or am I stuck at the mercy of Verizon to say “there are no issues” only to have my phone completely unusable for a good chunk of my workday? 

Re: Network Unstable Every Day at 3pm
Customer Service Rep

Although Verizon has the largest, most reliable network in the country*, there are external factors that can negatively impact your experience, causing issues such as slow data speeds, dropped calls or other audio issues.

These external factors include:

  • Network congestion
  • Weather and nature
  • Buildings and physical barriers
  • Or an obstructed view of the cell tower

For congestion, if many people are using the network at the same time in the same place, your service may be impacted. We'll sent a Private Note to continue, so we can troubleshoot with you.