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     Let me start by saying I have troubleshot this till the end of the universe and still fail to get if to function.... I purchased a network extender but it refuses to locate it's self with the gps... I have the gps antenna outside my house and it is a clear blue skied day... I would love to call customer service however, I bought the extender because I can't make phone calls and since the extender is not functioning I cannot make a call to customer service... It's a vicious cycle.... I'm strictly seeking advice on getting this thing working... I love verizon and would hate to have to switch service providers as my contract ends in 2 months and I will be free to do so please help make this work

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Hello Larryk1987,

We would be delighted to assist you today with your device. I appreciate all the troubleshooting that you've completed. Do you recall if you were qualified for the Network Extender prior to purchase? Please be aware that Network Extenders will not work in all locations. Often times when we hear of this issue, this would mean that the area is not eligible. Do you mind sharing your zip code and nearest cross streets to your location? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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