New Email Marketing Just Received
I have signed up for notification as to when 4G will be available in my area. Every time I get excited and open a new email, it is always an announcement of 4G available somewhere else. Today I got an email offering to GIVE me a FREE new 4G device for a $35 line activation fee. I have the 3G MiFi and of course assumed that since they were offering me this terrific opportunity that they must surely have 4G in my area now. Checked availability. NO. It is available in 3 cities within a 30 mile drive of me and 2 within 70 miles. My questions:
When you bother to take the time to sign up for an alert notifying you when 4G is available in your area, is it so hard to expect Verizon to actually wait until it IS available in your area to send you any notification?

WHY would I want to bother to upgrade to a new 4G MiFi when coverage is not even available in my area without traveling 30 miles?

I respectfully submit to anyone working at Verizon that reads this that they should revamp the notification sign up because I am getting tired of getting hopeful, hoping this is the email that announces coverage every time I open one and am sure many others are too.

Marketing a 4G device to a coverage area that does not even have it yet is a waste of Verizon time and resources. As a customer when I sign up to be notified about coverage I expect to not be bombarded when useless e mail. I am sure others out there agree. Our time is valuable. Thanks!
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Re: New Email Marketing Just Received

Don't even bother even IF they say your ZIP becomes 4G available, they got me and ZIP will not be specific to your location...check your address not your ZIP and try to see if you are near the 4G tower/antenna.