New MiFi 4510L doesn't work in rural area?

We had the MiFi 2200 and were fairly pleased with its performance at our cabin in the Adirondacks, which gets mostly "1X" service with occasional flickers of 3G.  When my two years were up I figured I'd upgrade to the new 4510L MiFi.  I knew it wouldn't make a difference at the cabin, but at home in NJ it would be 4G.  I liked the new features of the 4510L such as the display that shows how many bars you are getting, the longer battery life, etc.  So I upgraded.


To my dismay, it is almost impossible to access the internet now at the cabin even though Verizon assured me it was "backwards compatible" to my level of service there.  Verizon suggested an antenna, which they sent for $20.  No improvement.  So we ordered a fancy Wilson antenna that was supposed to be compatible with the 850 mghz that is available on our MiFi at the cabin according to its software.  Still no improvement.  Now we just ordered a Wilson Sleek signal booster for the thing.  If that doesn't work either, I'm wondering if I should just return all this equipment and return the 4510L and go back to using the old 2200. 


Please let me know if anyone else has any other suggestions besides what we've done so far to try to access the internet at our cabin on the 4510L.  Thank you.

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Re: New MiFi 4510L doesn't work in rural area?

The unit 4510L is backwards compatible but only to 3G. Not 1x. If you rarely saw 3G with the old device, do not expect to see any service at all with the new one.