New MiFi4510L....Love it

I was using sprint wireless before this,was on 3G which was working ok.Found verizon had 4G in my area and decided to try it.Speeds are in 18 to 20 mhps which is better than my old 1mhps from sprint.When i installed the MiFi it went straight to 4G and been working like a charm.Signal stays up and i am running 2 computers on network and see no trouble.I am very pleased with this set up.Also the new MiFi 4510L works with the charger plugged in and it has not shut down once.

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Verizon Employee

Hello debush,


Thank you for the shout out! It always put a smile on my face to read the reviews of a customer that is happy with our service. As you have experienced yourself, we have the fasted 4G network in America. If you have any questions or concerns about 4G and it's amazing abilities then feel free to reply to this message or visit the link that I have provided below.


Thank you and keep ruling the air!